Hurtless Heart is dead – Obituary – cause of death

“Heartless” is a song composed and recorded by the rock band Heart in 1976 for their album Magazine. Problems with the band’s previous record company Mushroom delayed the release of the album. Two years later, after their first single “Crazy on You” was re-released, “Heartless” was released as a single.

This song is a radical hard rock tune that begins with a slower synth-based episode and then becomes a full hard rock tune. The lyrics involve a despised lover who is obviously unable to escape the control of her ruthless partner.

“The doctor said to come again next week/I think you need me/all she did was crying/She wanted to die Doctor when can you see me/There is someone outside/It seems that he is everywhere/It just isn’t fair.” “Heartless” and “Without You” are the only singles released by the magazine. Among them, “Heartless” is ranked 24th on the Billboard Top 100 Singles chart in the United States. It was only five months after Heart released their next album Dog and Butterfly.

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