I would do it for free! Marvin Vettori says he wants to hit Jake Paul for disrespectful

The Italian who stood out in the UFC, Marvin vettori, liquidated Jake paul with words and wants to make it material. The young and controversial youtuber does not stop sending messages to MMA fighters, so, on this occasion, it was the tano who responded firmly. Considering the millions that the American always offers, the mixed martial artist was not tempted by it, but by just hitting him.

In that sense, Vettori he acknowledged: “It’s bad, it’s disrespectful. The most disrespectful thing is also this means of shit that I have seen everywhere where they give credit to it. With the media, it’s a give and take, but at the end of the day, the bright side of all media should inform. He is lost. It is lost by a lot in general. It could be anything. It could be news, it could be MMA.

It could be anything. It’s kind of sad to see this. They’re after any kind of clickbait to put on the news, and the content is just crap and it’s getting more horrible. It’s sad. Seeing that people are just getting on YouTube like that. It is just sad. There are people who have been giving their whole lives to this game, and this guy has been fucking with other young children until he got a little famous, “he said.

Wants to lower his ego

At the same time, Marvin dictated: “Then to try to jump into the fight against other YouTubers, whatever it is, not fighters and pick and choose. Even earning more money is disrespectful. Just tell him, have someone come get him and I want him to be a surprise. I want to show you something. Just bring it to Huntington. Once you walk through that door, we just close the door. Believe me, we would not be unfair.

“It’s not like we jumped it or something, but is it like you want to experience the fight? All right. Get in the cage and I’ll be happy to welcome you. I can send some 145’er that would crush it. Everything’s fine. It is the world we live in these days. You can’t do much about it. Just stay in your own lane and do your own shit. That really is. I’m agree. Like I said, I’ll basically do it for free. I would like to », he closed Marvin vettori.

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