The Ibtissam video leaked twitter – Whats Happened with video ibtissam hachek?

A supposedly leaked intimate video of ibtissam has been leaked and Twitter has not stopped retweeting it, it has already been shared more than 1000 times and it has quickly gone viral.

I had a wonderful afternoon and on top of that a video of ibtissam hachek from ibtissam is leaking I am very happy that all the ibti bandeur beurs of the networks are crying after seeing their “idol” give a blowjob he has a khel hahahahaha it’s a Bdk i’m dead

I just came across the ibtissam video, it confirms what I have been thinking for a long time. Stop filming this kind of thing and you will have no problem mdrrr c super simple.

Sah, I really do not understand the relentlessness of the girl, the real Ibtissam, as I saw the video of the girl Sirine, I do not say that she is lying but she presents arguments without proof and people do not miss the opportunity for her. ‘to be furious

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