Who is idkijustworkh11 video leaked? Twitter and reddit

Young celebrities like Addison Ray with millions of online fans are often victims of fake news, rumors and pranks. Addison Rae is one of the biggest stars on social media, especially on TikTok, which has about 100 million followers. After people claim that Addison Rae’s sex video was leaked on Twitter by the user “idkijustworkh11”, it once again became the focus of attention.

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According to details, on November 22, 2021, after someone claimed on TikTok that Addison Rae’s inappropriate video was leaked on Twitter, Addison Rae became one of the hottest topics on Twitter and social media.

Dozens of videos and hundreds of comments on TikTok indicate that a private video of Addison Rae was leaked on Twitter.

The person making such a statement also mentioned the Twitter user “@idkijustworkh11”, who allegedly shared a video on Twitter that was alleged to be Addison Rae.

“Idkijustworkh11” (display name: idkijustworkhere) is an anonymous Twitter user with only 193 followers. There are no posts on his timeline. However, in his reply (tweet to other people), he claimed that Addison Rae has a private video and he will post her video.

In his later tweets, idkijustworkh11 shared a short video clip that showed a girl very similar to Addison Rae in a state of compromise. Twitter users claimed that the video clip belonged to Addison Rae. He claimed that the girl in the video clip was Addison Ray, but people in the comments believed that the video was fake, and it was alleged that the girl in the video was not Addison Ray.

Another Twitter user mankeyleaks also shared a video, claiming that it was a leaked video by Addison Rae. The mankeyleaks Twitter page has 200 followers so far, and he is also sharing videos of other celebrities.

Nevertheless, the authenticity of the video shared by idkijustworkh11 and mankeyleaks could not be confirmed. Addison Rae also did not comment on the rumors. We would advise you not to listen to rumors.