Improbable! Through a video from many years ago scientists discover a new type of aurora

UNITED STATES.- One of the most beautiful phenomena in the world is being able to see a dawn. This has caught the attention of everyone, but in turn these phenomena keep an incredible amount of secrets. For this reason, a scientific team from the University of Iowa discovered a new feature after analyzing a video recorded almost 20 years ago, which has generated great commotion and arduous study.

This atmospheric light show took place on March 15, 2002 in the city of Churchill, Canada. The clip shows how a diffuse section of the aurora quickly lights up, then disappears and, to everyone’s amazement, suddenly reappears after a few seconds. This phenomenon has already been referred to as “diffuse auroral drafts” and had never been studied.

For this reason, scientist David Knudsen was commissioned to capture this video just over two decades ago. In addition, he recalled that at that time the sky seemed to be in total darkness and with a special camera he was able to capture the exact moment of low-level light. In this way, the member of the University of Iowa He detailed the way things turned out and his undeniable amazement.

“When an area was lighted and faded, the diffuse aurora in the background was blurred. It disappeared. There was a hole in the diffuse aurora. And then that hole would fill up again after half a minute or so. I’ve never seen anything like it, ”Knudsen revealed. In addition, it has been stressed the importance of continuing to do the relevant studies to find out more about this incredible phenomenon.

On the other hand, it is worth pointing out that auroras occur when charged particles that come from the Sun interact with the magnetic field of the Land. Thus, the moment some of these particles fall on the planet, the energy that is released (in a collision) generates that light from the gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, which gives rise to these beautiful scenarios.