In MotoGP they detach themselves from Marc Márquez’s injury: “It’s a lack of respect”

When the injury occurred Marc Márquez, many claimed that a recovery for such an injury was too early. However, the Spanish did not hesitate and wanted to try his arm, in the 2020 Andalusian Grand Prix. The pain and the lack of rhythm made him decide to abandon the race, aiming directly against the leaders of MotoGP, which allowed the return: «It is a lack of respect«, They assured after nine months.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports and MotoGP, launched harsh criticism against those who targeted them after allowing the return of Márquez. According to the leader, Márquez insisted with his return and the doctors saw no risk of him getting on the Sling. This was a fatal mistake (by Márquez and the doctors) for the season and the aspirations of the champion, who did not compete again until this weekend.

In his words, “It is a lack of respect” on the part of the critics to assure that there were errors in the process that led Márquez to return to the circuit. This he said in an interview with the medium ‘GPOne’. Ezpeleta undoes the category and the medical team that authorized Márquez to start free practice at the Spanish GP last year.

“How do you say no?”

“When a pilot does those push-ups (after the operation a video of Márquez training went viral), how do you say no? He came back, passed the medical prescription and was allowed to run. It could not be otherwise. He did a training session on Friday and then, for reasons that only he knows, he decided not to continue ”, explained Ezpeleta in the last hours.

«I see a lack of respect in some doctors who gave their opinion without knowing things. They all looked like experts on titanium plates and arms. All I can say is that I saw the push-ups he did in front of the doctors at Sherry. So I wonder who can say that a pilot who can do that cannot race. The pilots are not normal people “, said to finish the CEO of the category.

Marc Márquez
Source: Official Twitter of Marc Márquez

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