In my life I have touched it

After the controversial statements of Frida Sofía yesterday afternoon on Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s program, where Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter revealed that her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán, touched her when she was a child, the singer decided to raise his voice and respond to the accusation.

Enrique Guzmán responds to Frida Sofía: In my life I have touched her

Enrique Guzmán decided to respond to the accusations of his granddaughter in the Paty Chapoy program, where through tears, he declared that he never touched Frida Sofía and that he does not know why he would have made these statements.

In addition, he explained that the relationship he has had with his granddaughter has been complicated and revealed that they have been apart for a long time.

“Paty, in my life, in my life I have touched that girl, I have no way of telling you otherwise. I have only had to watch her grow, I have never touched her in my life. Neither the waist, nor the hand, I haven’t seen her for a long time, I’ve never looked for her with my hands, ”he told the Ventaneando program.

“I swear by my children, by those that I lack. I’m not capable, I don’t have the hands to be able to touch a girl, less lasciviously ”, he added.

Enrique Guzmán reveals the possible reason for Frida Sofía’s statements

According to Enrique Guzmán, the reason why Frida Sofía would have made these statements is because Alejandra Guzmán would have withdrawn financial support to your daughter.

“Alejandra has more problems than me. The only thing that could have been that triggered this is that Alejandra withdrew the expenses that she had in a bank, the apartment that Frida lives is one that Alejandra bought and does not live there to avoid being close, ”he revealed.

“He recently withdrew his financial expenses, if that is the reason why he moves Frida, then he is looking to see which journalist is skewered, to give him a piece of wool and to say what the journalist wants, from there to get money to live, I suppose, ”he said.

They do not know if Frida Sofía continues with her treatment

Finally, The former rock singer said that Frida Sofía’s latest statements have been questionable, Furthermore, she does not know if her granddaughter continues a treatment that she takes for a condition that she has had throughout her life.

“Poor thing, she has no choice but to live what she can, but I’ve never touched her. She says things, but she believes them, the misfortune is that she believes and thinks they are true, “he said.

Yesterday, Frida Sofía declared that Enrique Guzmán had abused her when she was five years old, so he decided to break the silence and make this fact known.

What do you think of the case of Frida Sofía and her grandfather, Enrique Guzmán?

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