Irish singer Sinead O’Connor has dead at the age of 56, whats happened

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor has died at the age of 56.

The acclaimed Dublin artist has released 10 studio albums and her song “Nothing Compares 2 U” was named the world’s number one single at the 1990 Billboard Music Awards.

Earlier this year, Ms O’Connor was awarded First Prize for Irish Classic Album at the RTÉ Choice Music Awards.

There was a standing ovation as the singer dedicated the “I Don’t Want What I Didn’t Get” award to “every member of the Irish refugee community”.

Sinead O’Connor is alone, and that’s just how she likes to be. She weathered the pandemic in a small hilltop village in Ireland, watched serial killers, bought fairytale trinkets online and covered breaking news in the US on CNN. On a recent gloomy afternoon, with a dark blue turban on her shaved head and a cigarette clutched tightly between her fingertips, she looked like she was hunched over an iPad in an all-glass greenhouse. Hermetically sealed her own little world.

“I’m lucky,” she said, “because I enjoy my company.”

Decorated in bright, saturated colors that stand out against the drab backdrop of the Irish sky, her cottage has the surreal quality of a pop-up book. Bubblegum roses line the windows, and the Hindu goddess Durga spreads her eight arms out of a blanket on a cozy cherry-colored sofa. When O’Connor, 54, showed me around on an iPad during our video interview, the place seemed to fold itself: the flowers were fake, bought off, and her pair of pretty velvet chairs were Not specifically designed for me. sit on.

“I bought uncomfortable chairs on purpose because I don’t like people staying up late,” she says. “I like to be alone.” But she reveals it with a giggle so mischievous it almost sounds like an invitation.