Is Ben Affleck planning to return as Batman?

For many, the performance of Ben Affleck as Batman She is one of the best interpreting this character; for this reason thousands of people have requested that a solo movie with this actor.

And it is that when Affleck announced his departure from the DC Cinematic Universe, it was decided that the tape The batman, would be played by Robert Pattinson; something that undoubtedly did not please many of the followers of this super hero.

After the premiere of Justice League: Snyder Cut, fans were left wanting to continue seeing Affleck as the bat man. For this reason the Hastag was created on Twitter #MakeTheBatfleckMovie, asking for the realization of the tape with this Batman.

Batman was central to the Snyder Cut.

DC fans have already gotten the Snyder Cut released and are now “unleashed”; well also They ask for the “Snyderverse” to return, which is the cinematic vision of Zack Snyder, although the director and the production house of Warner Bros they have denied that this is going to happen.

Will Ben Affleck return as Batman?

Unfortunately, it seems that the answer to the question about whether we will see this version of Batman again is a “no”. And this is because although the appearance in the movie of The Flash is very likely, Affleck has stated that he has no intention of returning to wear this character’s cloak.

Is so Batman’s future is uncertainWell, Pattison’s is from a different world than the Justice League and I don’t know what will happen to the one in this timeline, as well as Henry Cavill’s Superman, who seems to not continue on paper either.

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