Is flightreacts dead?

FlightReacts is an American YouTube user, Twitch anchor and artist from West Palm Beach, Florida. He is famous for his hilarious reaction videos. Flying enthusiasts love NBA basketball and everything related to it. He played basketball in high school and still played 1v1 matches with other celebrities. Speaking of YouTube, Flight operates the “FlightReacts” and “NotYourAverageFlight” channels. Together, they have 6+ million subscribers and 670+ million views. If this is not enough, Flight has also ventured into rap games. His popular tracks include “Disingenuous”, “Broken Boi Boi”, “Feelings” and “Heat Cheque”.

Flight was born on August 7, 1995 in Washington, DC, his original name is Kimani Tariq Kamiru-White. He has a younger sister. At the age of one, the family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. Growing up, Flight was attracted by basketball and music. He attended Okee Heli Community High School, followed by Palm Beach Center. Due to poor grades, his college basketball career was shortened. After graduating from high school, Flight attended Palm Beach State University. He left early to focus on his YouTube career.

Flight’s main YouTube channel “FlightReacts” was created in September 2015. According to the title, it provides videos of reactions to sports and other events. His first video is called “Package Stealing Gone WRONG Reaction!” FlightReacts has made great progress and now has more than 39,000 subscribers. To date, Flight’s most popular reaction video shows his reaction to “Real Life Trick Shots Dude”. It has more than 5 million page views. The FlightReacts channel offers a large number of 1v1 basketball videos. His opponents are Mikey Williams, RiceGum, Deshae Frost and Faze Rug. He is also a good friend and frequent collaborator of CashNasty.

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