Is Richard Simmons still alive? Is dead?

For more than 40 years, Richard Simmons has been a magnificent fitness guru and one of the most iconic figures in the fitness industry. For the past 40 years, he has been in the public eye, whether through his video series Sweatin’To The Oldies, his popular talk show, or simply in person at his Slimmons gym in Beverly Hills. The price of courses in the gym has been astonishing until the gym recently closed. He cut off all contact with the world in 2014, which led to a police investigation. Read the reason for his disappearance. But first, how was he?

After Letterman showered Richard with a fire extinguisher, their relationship deteriorated, prompting Simmons’ extreme asthma attack. For six years after that, Simmons refused to be invited.

Although he was the inspiration for millions of people to exercise, Simmons began his life by eating excessively, so much so that he felt very ashamed of himself and was constantly harassed. The weight of it is up to 268 pounds.

To fix this problem, Richard took harsh and unhealthy measures. He would starve himself, vomit, and take diet pills. After just two months, his weight reached 119 pounds. This rapid and unstable weight loss landed him in the hospital. A nurse changed his life and asked, “Do you want to live or die?”

Why did Richard become so incompetent in the first place? He’s literally a kid in a candy store; His first job was Leah’s praline shop in New Orleans. There were sugary and creamy sandwiches everywhere, and Simmons couldn’t help it.

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