What Happened to Hunter Moore? IsAnyoneUp leaked

Netflix documentaries cover everything from serial killers to million-dollar zookeepers. For the latest check out the infamous IsAnyoneUp.com website.

What happened to Hunter Moore’s IsAnyoneUp website?

The Most Hateful Man on the Internet is a three-part limited series that begins Wednesday, July 27, 2022 and tells the story of the Hunter Moore website, which launched in 2010 to encourage users to anonymously post nude photos for publication ​​Female.

Nudity is uploaded – in many cases the user’s ex-partner – and often the victim’s social media name and some personal information is attached to the image.

The documentary explores the history of the site and its impact on many people, and viewers will no doubt want to know the current situation.

So what happened to Hunter Moore’s IsAnyoneUp site?

IsAnyoneUp.com shut down in April 2012 after Hunter Moore sold the site’s domain name to a web entrepreneur named James McGibney, The Cinemaholic reported.

McGibney bought it for a small fee and used the domain to redirect users to an anti-bullying website called BullyVille. Run by McGibney, the site allows users to share stories of how they have been bullied to raise awareness of the issues IsAnyoneUp has contributed to.

However, people who visit the site now are simply redirected to McGibney’s personal website.

As for Hunter Moore, Cosmopolitan reported that he was arrested by the FBI in 2014 on charges of conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft. He pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft and charges of aiding and abetting unauthorized access to a computer.

Moore was subsequently sentenced to two years and six months in prison and ordered to pay a $2,000 fine and $145.70 in restitution. He was banned from social media.

If you head over to the IsAnyoneUp site, you’ll get a message from McGibney that he “has taken over and shut down sleazy revenge porn” but that his “job isn’t done.”

He encouraged users to become investors in “online communities that help victims of bullying, stalking and harassment.” Instead of asking for donations,” he wrote. “I invite you to join the team as an investor in AnyOneUp, Inc. “

Cosmopolitan reports that McGibney wrote an open letter to Moore after purchasing the site.

“Sometimes you have to be a bully to hit a bully, and I’m the first to admit that I intellectually bullied the shit you’ll love forever,” McGibney wrote.

“Their stated main goal is to ‘ruin’ the lives of young girls. Even when they imply that they will kill themselves if their unauthorized nude photos are not removed from your site, you will still laugh in their face. You also Are you smiling?”

He added: “You tried to destroy her life, but I destroyed yours intellectually. They took a master class in the fine arts of social engineering.”

The most hated people on the internet are streaming right now on Netflix.