It does not matter! The TikTok impersonator who breaks it with football: Messi, Zidane, Sergio Ramos and more

The last classic of the season is history. The 2-1 triumph of Real Madrid He put a new twist on the competition and, incidentally, left him better positioned to fight for the title. Atlético de Madrid continues to lead, but the merengue team is watching closely. While the focus of Spanish soccer is focused on European competitions or the Copa del Rey final, a copycat of Messi, Zidane, Koeman Y Sergio Ramos generates all kinds of reactions in networks.

In the videos, Carlos Bazán used this confrontation to give voice to his characters: “It is true that what hurts me the most is not being with my colleagues defending the colors, but since we are going to advertise my new documentary”, says the imitator by playing the role of Sergio Ramos. This is how he continues with the rest of the figures of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

«I think we need better Messi, but above all better Bar, Barca “, commented sarcastically the” Koeman “of the imitator. “Maybe that’s my last classic, we are going to try to get the three points for PSG,” said Messi. The last to appear on the scene was Zidane. “We know it’s an important game, but it’s football, in the end it’s three points and that’s it,” added the imitator.

The young man has received hundreds of compliments on social networks, especially on TikTok where fans do not hesitate to classify him as one of the best. A new star of humor or copycat? the truth is that it is on the right track and that it adds fans to its path, as well as the challenge of increasing the repertoire. The young man has already demonstrated the ability to add various roles to his list.

«What an impression his imitation of Zidane is the same; I really like the tone of Ramos; the wonders he would do with that gift hahahaha I’m going to call Florentino Pérez », some of the comments about this talented young man. His user on Instagram is Filymitación94 and little by little he increases his numbers in the different social networks, will they reach any of his real characters?

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