Ivan Begic video leaked – A leaked p0rn video of a Banja Luka politician appeared

After a p0rn0graphic video of Ivan Begic, a member of the Banja Luka Council’s PPD, began to circulate in public today, he talked about the matter, saying that he had been blackmailed for a period of time, which led to his mental health The situation has deteriorated.

This is a video that was not released by any media in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but sent to many journalists and public figures. This video has been circulating in private chats on Viber, Messenger and other apps since this morning, and it proves that cyberbullying is also a weapon of victory on the political stage.

Begic decided to announce everything, knowing that the video will be released on the Internet soon.

“After months of extortion, psychological harassment and threats, my private video was released today, sent to the public through our opponent’s party base, and spread on social networks. For the same video, they asked me for 500,000 Kilometers “Nevertheless, I went to see a psychiatrist again today, but I didn’t feel well,” Begic said.

He said that the video was sent to his parents and their health was seriously affected, which also proved the foul behavior of the political opposition.

“Although I believe that everyone has the right to a private life, I know my responsibilities as a public figure, which is why I have to retire from politics, I surrender the task of parliament and leave the PPD,” he said.

In addition to compromising Begić’s image, the video also contains a section that attempts to imply that the other person in the video (whose face is invisible) is actually Banja Luka Mayor Draško Stanivuković, but Begić denies this a little.

“I strongly deny that the video has anything to do with my colleagues or anyone in public life,” Begic said.

The video was apparently deliberately sent to many addresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is one of the most disgusting examples of privacy violations and harassment on the Internet.

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