Ivan Kuliak in Instagram and reddit – Russian Gymnast “Disgusting” Behaviour During Doha World Cup

Ivan Kuliak’s Instagram has not been verified. The media reported that he wore the Z logo jersey during the World Cup in Doha.

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The Russo-Ukrainian war is an ongoing war involving mainly Russia, pro-Russian forces, Belarus and Ukraine and their international supporters.

Everyone knew about the ongoing war, and it caught the world’s attention. In the heat of the war, Ivan Kurek wore a Z on his chest during the World Cup.

Ivan Kuliak on Instagram – Russian Gymnast Wiki

Can’t find Ivan Kuliak on Instagram. However, he appears on the Wikipedia page. He was a young athlete and a shining star in the world of sports, but his actions let him down.

Wearing a zig-zag cloth during the game puts him in the news and the public eye. Photos of him on stage were widely shared.

He finished third in the race. The International Gymnastics Federation reacted to the war in Ukraine, announcing on Friday that it would ban all Russian and Belarusian athletes from competing.

The ban went into effect on Monday. In 2019, Ivan won the title of “Sports Master”. He sparked the outrage of many for wearing Za Pobedy and unfortunately it also made him fight back.

Meet Ivan Kulyak’s parents

Ivan Kuliak was born to his parents on February 28, 2002. He just turned 20 a week ago. He was born in Kaluga, Russia. Details of his parents are scarce online.

However, he started gymnastics in his hometown in 2006 at the age of 4. His mother saw his potential and signed him up for gym class. In 2019, he became the Russian all-around and junior junior champion and silver medalist in high pole.

Despite his stellar career and athleticism, he was not expected to support the war. Illja Kovtun is a Ukrainian who finished first and won the Gymnastics World Cup.

What did Ivan Kulyak do during the World Cup in Doha?

World Cup player Ivan Kuliak has a Z mark on his chest to show his support for Russia’s war effort in Ukraine. Ivan is a 20-year-old gymnast.

He was in the media spotlight for wearing the Z logo during games. In case you didn’t know, the Z stands for Russian military operations in Ukraine. War supporters wore the letter on their clothes.

The national football team did not expect, and what was even more disgusting was that he was still standing on the podium with a sign. It shows Ivan using the gymnastics arena to support military operations.