Ivan Leow dead, malaysischer Pokerspieler – cause of death

From Paul & Richard, It is with great sadness we announce that our dear friend, partner, supporter and founding Triton member, Ivan Leow, 41, passed away this morning of natural causes. My first interaction with Ivan Leow was in Macau and it was nothing but positive vibes. He was always smiling and welcoming to every single person. He will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace my friend.

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A woman lined up to squeeze past me. I put a firm hand on her shoulder and told her to fuck off. Never underestimate the power of nonverbal communication, something I learned at the poker table.

Below is a sculpture of a giant throwing a spear, in a running taxi, I saw his huge iron ball and installation, I wonder why we think this art and the same thing in a magazine is porn?

I don’t know how Ivan Leow made his money, but he was either very good at his job or came from a wealthy family. The 36-year-old Malaysian, who enjoys playing poker, won the Triton Poker Super High Roller for a 6,000,000 rand ($94,000) buy-in at partypoker MILLIONS Russia.

It was an incredible two-week end for Leow, who reached three final tables at the Triton Poker Series on Jeju Island, including a HK$500,000 ($64,000) win for HK$8,470,000 ($1,079,367) in the short Cards, bet-only events.

Leow is more than just a cute kitten. There are some dead spots in the mix. He won the Triton Poker Jeju No-Limit Hold’em Main Event with a HKD 2,000,000 (USD 255,000) buy-in (he got in at USD 1,000,000), and he also had his first event in Russia a few days ago .

Ivan Leow was one of the early risers looking for some worms during late registration on Day 2, doubling through Phil Ivey 77>AQo’s early gate to get his first ascent of the mountain he eventually conquered to gain a foothold.

Ivey kept slipping as Leow climbed, this time twice as fast as Koray Aldemir. Ivey held pocket pairs against the German’s pocket queens in the 3-bet pot and called Aldemir’s all-in on the 8h7h3d3s board.

Then, our soon-to-be-crowned champion got all-in against Konstantin Uspenskii’s AQo and his pocket pair fell to the floor with 10’s and took a hit. The deck spits out a second ace on the flop, doubling the Russian.

Sometimes the venue resembles a German High Stakes Poker Tournament, with one person visiting the cashier early. Johannes Becker and Wai Leong Chan came into play preflop. Both have pocket nines. However, as the precinct loomed, Chan beat the German with a poor rhythm in the bar.

Becker’s second bullet was a dud.

KK against Dietrich Fast’s AK, Becker left for the second time before packing his third ball into the room.

We lost Timofey Kuznetsov when the Russian moved all-in with 13 big blinds and pocket pairs, but Abraham Passet woke up with pocket pairs. The call came, and after five public cards, the Russians landed on the railway. This was followed by an all-in 15bb and Philipp Gruissem came in with A7cc but was beaten by Leow’s A9o.