Iyabo Oko is Dead, Veteran Actress – cause of death Sidikat Odukanwi

Veteran actress, Sidikat Odukanwi, popularly known as  Iyabo Oko is Dead!!

Acted Series of Yoruba movie’s and made a good moments from it until now she passed out.

Earlier, rumors about the death of Yoruba’s veteran actress Iyabo Oko went viral on the Internet. However, the rumor has been debunked by the last daughter of actress Olamide Oduola.

Previously, Nollywood actress Foluke Daramola (Foluke Daramola) shared on her social media account a video of Olamide debunking rumors of her mother’s death. Foluke Daramola had earlier raised funds to help the veteran actress who had been sick for five years.

For many who may not know, Iyabo Oko has made great strides in the Yoruba film industry. She is known for her versatile acting skills.

A large number of talents flood into this industry every year, and now monitoring the presence of actors has become a complicated task for the audience. Therefore, in this technological age, it is he/she who is strategically and continuously attracting their audience. When actors are not even active on social media, fans will find it difficult to snoop into their daily lives and discover their favorite things when they are not on the screen or on the scene.

This is the case of Nollywood’s mother Iyabo Oko, who is popular for her “sharp” mouth, wit, and generous ass, and she has recently been featured in reports many times. She disappeared in action and she was absent from the screen indefinitely, which caused many problems among critics and movie audiences. Among the many questions raised, the biggest one at the moment is, where is Iyabo Oko? The last time she left a footprint on social media (especially Instagram) was on February 14, 2020.

Unlike some of her colleagues in the industry (such as Ms. Saje, Oga Bello, Iya Ereko, Mr. Latin and many others), her social media pages hardly attract participation, even if someone decides to be on her “1,801 fans” Sleeping on the Instagram page for a day, apart from the actress who debunked some rumors about her health on September 21, 2017, nothing new was discovered. Regardless of whether she has a health problem, the comment section of her 13 Instagram posts are full of messages from her fans who “get well soon”.

First of all, Iyabo Oko is currently in Nigeria with some of her family. In 2018, a well-known media platform announced that the actress Kudirat Odukanmi Oluyemi (commonly known as Iyabo Oko) suffered from a disease in 2016. As a result, she was flown abroad by her eldest son to receive immediate treatment. When she returned, the strong and talented actress had apparently lost weight.

After returning to Nigeria, Kudirat revealed in an interview that the doctor advised her to reduce stress-causing tasks. In addition, the actress also stated that she may suspend acting indefinitely in order to recover quickly with little or no interference. Iyabo Oko was diagnosed for the first time in a hospital named 68, Army Barrack in Yaba District, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Iyabo Oko was born on November 15, 1960 in the Sulfur Local Government District of Osun State, southwestern Nigeria, and began performing with Lere Paimo and other theater veterans about 20 years ago. Although her parents were reluctant at first when she joined the Ada Oniola troupe, she still triumphed and successfully opened up a world for herself in the theater industry. After joining the Ogabello troupe, she starred in Adebayor Salami’s “Oko”, where she got the name Iyabo Oko.

In addition to Iyabo Oko, she is also known as Apoti Aje and Sisi Mama. Some of the movies she has starred in during her career include Idunnu Okan, Mayowa, Adesoro, Okobo Dimeji, etc.

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