Jackson Sparks is dead 8-year-old – Obituary 2021 – Cause of death Waukesha massacre

On Tuesday afternoon, multiple hits and leaks during the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, injured a minor and increased the death toll to six.

A 6th person has died in the #Waukesha massacre. 8-year-old Jackson Sparks died in hospital. Nearly 50 others were injured when Darrell Brooks, a registered sex offender out on bail on other offenses, allegedly rammed his car through the Christmas parade.

Jackson Sparks, about 8 years old, was seriously injured in the hit-and-run, as was his 12-year-old brother. Jackson died at the Wisconsin Children’s Hospital on November 21, where he was receiving treatment.

Jackson reportedly underwent brain surgery after the incident. However, his death was announced on Tuesday.

Darrell Brooks, as responsible, was arrested after the incident on Sunday. Although authorities ruled out the possibility that the atrocity was a terrorist attack on Monday.

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