(Sim Jaeyun) Jake of Enhypen grandmother dead during month of his birthday

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Jake said that his grandmother loves enhypen so much and that he hopes she is happy right now (up there) watching them… he also said that he was having a hard time during his birthday and that he wants to thank engenes and the members for being there for him.

jake: “there are times where it’s hard but i’m thankful that the members are always here and for helping me a lot. the members helped a lot when i had a hard time. even tho it was my birthday i had a hard time. i can’t say it?

ENHYPEN’s Jake updated ENGENE on the band’s health, giving people hope that everyone seems to be okay. How is the idol’s mood now?

Due to an emergency, ENHYPEN’s idols fell ill, causing ENGENE to worry about their health and the care they deserve; Soon, the members of this K-Pop combination entered the isolation area and began treatment, thus curing the disease.

In addition to supporting and hoping their idol gets better and better, ENHYPEN fans will be returning with good news. They don’t know how they are progressing, but they will come out of their illness together and continue working as before. debut up to the present.

But obviously, everything is going well, and we will soon see the idol make a full recovery. The first ENHYPEN member to be discharged from the hospital is Jake. He will soon go to see ENGENE and tell you about the other people.