James Lambert Philly dead and obituary, beaten to death by SEVEN teenager

On June 24, 2022, a 73-year-old man was beaten to death by seven teenagers with a traffic cone, according to video released by police nearly two weeks after the attack. The man, identified as James Lambert, was pronounced dead the next day from blunt force trauma. After a two-week investigation into the matter, Philadelphia police are now urging the public to help identify the young men after announcing a $20,000 award for their leadership.

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The Philadelphia Police Department told NBC10 that at about 2:38 a.m. Friday, June 24, Lambert was walking down Cecil B. Moore Avenue near North 21st Street when he was attacked by seven menacing teens. They appear to have attacked the elderly without attacking the elderly. provocative. Police believe the perpetrators of the attack were a group of four men and three women, ranging in age from “13 to 17 years old”.

Video shared by police for the first time shows a young man attacking Lambert as he left the crowd and tried to cross the street. Seconds later, another young man was seen throwing traffic cones at Lambert. As the victim fled the crowd along the sidewalk, a young man with a traffic cone above his head followed him.

James Lambert was seen by his family hours ago

NBC10’s Danny Freeman revealed that Lambert’s family, who called him “Simi”, had met him hours before the horror. Freeman tweeted: “This is James ‘Simi’ Lambert, the man who was killed. His family told me they were heartbroken, see you hours before he was attacked Got to him. They couldn’t believe a bunch of kids would do this.” @NBCPhiladelphia “Police urged the public to come forward.