Jamie Auld dead, actress, known for Madonna y the Breakfast Club passed away

Jamie Auld is an actress, known for Madonna y the Breakfast Club (2019).

Jamie Auld heard the strangest proposal of her life at a doughnut factory in New York.

Guy Guido, who is directing his first feature-length film “The Madonna and the Breakfast Club,” is looking for an actress to play the pre-star version of the pop star. On separate occasions, Guido and his partner approached Alder at the doughnut shop when talks with another actress stalled two weeks before filming began.

“I just laughed it off,” said Ord, a Pasadena native who was then a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. “In New York, we have a lot of interesting characters.”

Alder asked her mother for advice, who asked her to meet the director in a public place. They had a meeting at Starbucks, and she listened to his speech. An idea that initially sounded “fake” is now even more enticing.

The project will be part reenactment and part documentary, featuring insights from members of Madonna’s first band, The Breakfast Club, formed in 1979 after Madonna met musician Tangier Roy. Realizing that her passion for dance would not make her a star, Madonna focused on music.

With this film, Guido begins to dispel the misconception that Madonna was an untalented entertainer who became known for her promiscuity.

“She just had this rare drive and ambition and this work ethic that you don’t see at that age,” Guido said. “It’s a matter of life and death for Madonna, who is willing to put in all her work day in and day out at all costs. Nothing can stop her from pursuing her ultimate goal of becoming a famous entertainer.”

During her childhood, Auld modeled for UnderArmour and advertised for Walmart. She has limited acting experience.

“She’s 5-foot-5, so she’s been overlooked for a lot of things,” said her mom, Lisa.

When Guido finds Auld at Donut Plant, the resemblance to Madonna is hard to ignore.

“Initially, when we started working on some scripts, I quickly realized she was definitely new to acting, but her looks were so strong that while I knew I still had work to do, I knew it was worth it Yes, I knew I just had to get her through,” Guido said.

The director immersed Alder in acting lessons, gave her guitar and drum lessons, and had her work with Madonna impersonators familiar with the musician’s tunes and moves.

“Madonna and I naturally have a lot of overlap in how we look and how we talk,” Alder said. “I did research some of Madonna’s subtle gestures, like this double wink, that Madonna fans would embrace.”

Guido described Auld as the perfect person for the role because she “brings life and positivity to life every day” while taking on whatever task she’s faced.

“Jamie is fearless and doesn’t hesitate to throw herself into anything we do or she doesn’t seem to have any taboos,” Guido said. “Even though she knew she wasn’t doing well in the first place, that didn’t stop her from doing it.”

“You put me in a challenging position, which excites me and makes me more inclined to do something,” Alder said.

Guido expected the filming of “Madonna and the Breakfast Club” to take a few weeks, but it took more than two years. To make the film real, Guido filmed a reenactment where Madonna lived and practiced her music.

“The gatekeepers of these places, this isn’t the first time they’ve reached out to people who want to talk about Madonna or do a story about Madonna,” Guido said. “The obstacle for me is how do I convince these people that it’s supposed to be me, and you’re going to let me into your home, where there’s a synagogue and a movie that’s never been done before, and the music building lets us The crew has been here many days over the years, working in the building and filming the music.”

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