Jamierose_03 leaked onlyf, videos and photos on twitter of Jamierose 03

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Sofya Zhuk, 23, previously rose to fame with the 2015 Junior Girls Wimbledon title. Now she might be getting more attention, this time via OnlyF. Zucker, who retired from tennis in 2020 due to back problems, recently told fans she was creating an account on subscription-based platform OnlyF. It should be a seamless transition.

After Zucker quit her job, she has been working as a model. The Russian also owns several businesses, including Boy Toys, which leases expensive yachts and luxury cars around Miami. “Guys, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! There’s going to be a lot of interesting material,” Zhuk said of her entry into the OnlyF world, according to The Sun.

Zhuk did not reveal a timeline for her OnlyF program, nor did she reveal a price. What she revealed is that she won’t be nude on the popular subscription service. She told The Sun that her OnlyFans account will not be X-rated, but will be very similar to her Instagram account — lots of bikinis and cocktail dresses.

Sofya Zhuk has 175,000 followers on Instagram. If the content is the same, I don’t know why the same fans or even more people will follow her to OnlyF. Especially if there are costs associated with it.

But she has plenty of experience returning the serve. So she might prefer to go back and forth with paying customers once the money starts rolling in.