Javier López Díaz dead, Puebla announcer on Cinco Radio

In mourning the journalism of #Puebla, Javier López Díaz dies this day.
More than 30 years of experience in front of a microphone, made Puebla families remember his name and work. RIP

Puebla journalism is in mourning, because on the afternoon of this Tuesday radio host Javier López Díaz (Javier López Díaz) died of a heart attack, leaving more than 33 years of career in broadcasting.

Javier hosted the newscast “Buenos Días”, which aired on all Cinco de Puebla radio stations from Monday to Saturday and aired for the first time on October 7, 1988.

The communicator from Puebla still participated in the morning broadcast of his newscast today, and most viewers in Puebla listened to him not only for the purpose of understanding the news events, but also for the convenience of speaking into the microphone.

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