Jayshawn Boyd Newark NJ Jail Assault Video leaked, Who Is The Inmate?

Jay Shawn Boyd was admitted to be a prisoner who was beaten in Newark Prison. According to research, seven men brutally attacked him during an unassisted phase of the prison, leaving him indifferent. Since then he has entered a state of insensitivity.

MRandom News Jayshawn Boyd Newark NJ Jail Assault Video leaked, Who Is The Inmate?

The video of the episode is circulated on the Internet. The video shows seven men brutally beating a prisoner. One of them even hammered a microwave oven on his head, but he didn’t realize it.

Jayshawn Boyd’s attacks spread widely on the Internet. In the video, the detainee was attacked by seven other people in the Newark Prison. As found in the video, seven detainees savagely attacked him, leaving him on the ground to ignore the lies.

In addition, the incident occurred in the no-man’s land of the prison. After the incident, the prison was sealed off for half an hour. It happened again in September. Boyd is currently in a state of numbness, but is being remedied.

This recording caused a sensation on the Internet through web-based media, especially on Reddit. Jayshawn Boyd does not have his own Wikipedia history. In addition, during this period, his age has not been audited.

So far, there is no significant identification knowledge about the prisoner. When everything happened, he was finishing his punishment in the Newark prison.

In any case, we are just gathering knowledge about how and why he was in prison. When it’s free, we will provide you with additional knowledge.

The subtleties of Jayshawn Boyd’s family are currently awaiting review. According to research, Boyd is not lifeless. He was seriously injured and is currently in a state of numbness. The wounded were attacked using water dispensers, microwave ovens, deck brushes and trash cans.

The attack apparently lasted 2 minutes. Additional insights on this episode may be updated soon.

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