Jazz Hicham video: Did Hicham take advantage of her to film the sextape?

Will the JLC family disband? This is the problem of the moment. The Jazz will deceive her husband with his best friend Hitcham. The latter will take this opportunity to film the sextet to be made public! Laurent first denied the story by refuting all deceptions.

MRandom News Jazz Hicham video: Did Hicham take advantage of her to film the sextape?

Unfortunately, some of the young man’s violent voices leaked: “I’m Laurent, they called me to watch the video by myself! I saw the video too! You have seen this jazz have a big bitch! In the video In the middle she said this, that, that, in the mode she was forced by Hicham etc…she fucking!!! “But that’s not all! Laurent’s mistress showed up and revealed everything about the incident. She recently spoke again to clarify some points.

But was the Jazz really fully awake in the process of cheating with Hitcham? Lilly, Laurent’s mistress, pointed out a special detail: “Yes, Jazz and Hicham do have a relationship. It happened one night when the Jazz was drinking. It was a period of all conflicts, and Laurent’s things didn’t go well. According to him, Hitcham persisted a lot and forcibly restricted the once weak Jazz She broke down.

When this happened between them, she didn’t know he was filming.” The disturbing testimony does not stop there. Lilly explained that Hicham would start blackmailing this beautiful brunette, which is why he was fired by the JLC family.

The problem is because this young man lives with their money. Whether it is one or two, sextape extortion is appearing. For Eli Lilly, there is something wrong: no one has watched this video. It’s weird, isn’t it?

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