Jenna Ellis Simone Biles tweet leaked twitter – Whats happened?

Simone Biles delivers epic rebuttal to a paltry tweet from former Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis, who called the Olympic gold medalist a ‘failure’ “Who is Jenna Ellis? I ask everyone.”

On Thursday, President Joe Biden presented Beales with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. In a statement announcing the 2022 winners, the White House emphasized that Byers is “the most decorated US gymnast in history, with a combined 32 medals at the Olympics and World Championships” and a “prominent advocate for mental health.” . The world “is a victim of the care system and sexual assault”.

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Such is the gymnastics prowess of Byers, with four official gymnastics elements named after her, some of which are the only women to successfully complete the competition. The high level of difficulty for these unique elements has sparked controversy in the gymnastics community, with critics complaining that judges are downplaying points earned for Biles’ moves to prevent injuries to inexperienced gymnasts.

As for Biles herself, she has been keen to put safety first, and used it as a reason for her withdrawal from multiple events during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The high speed and height of her stunts meant that any mistake could paralyze her or even take her life, and while Biles — 23 years older than most other Olympic gymnasts at the time — struggled to maintain her proprioception, she A sense of space for where your body is and in which direction it is moving.

It’s a matter of what gymnasts call “the twists and turns,” Byers told reporters, although she admitted it was an honor to be at the Olympics, “Ultimately, we want to get off here, not drag it here on a stretcher.” meeting. “

Byers, one of the victims of sexual assault by former U.S. team doctor Larry Nassar, cited the trauma of that experience as a factor in her decision to retire, as well as the recent death of a beloved aunt during the game. She eventually won a bronze medal on the balance beam, calling it “more important than all gold medals” because she “overcame” many psychological challenges.