Jennifer Cobb EY Dead and Obituary, San Jose CA – cause of death

MRandom News Jennifer Cobb EY Dead and Obituary, San Jose CA - cause of death

EY’s Tax Accounting Risk and Advisory Services, or TARAS, team is headed by Jennifer Cobb, who is an Ernst & Young LLP partner. She operates in the United States West region and specializes in international tax law. The need for Jennifer’s extensive tax accounting and international tax expertise is hard to ignore. Because of this, many people hire her for any related services. She has 22 years of experience catering to these needs.

Jennifer worked for EY as the Americas International Tax and Transaction Tax Services Liaison for the Tax Accounting Risk and Advisory practice. She held this position prior to becoming the leader of the US-West TARAS. As part of her professional responsibilities, Jennifer is in charge of giving the most important clients of the company with complex international tax and accounting guidance.

Jennifer regularly attends tax team meetings, where she assists with issues like valuation allowances and currency conversion. She has significant experience helping large multinational corporations with tax issues regarding their international operations. Jennifer has extensive knowledge in the area of finance. This includes planning investments that require moving money between different countries or countries across the border, investments made in the United States as well as investments made in other countries. She also assists with cross-border financial transactions, financing strategies and other issues related to this field.

Jennifer has worked with a wide variety of clients, including manufacturing, financial services, technology and the energy business. She’s also worked with clients from multiple industries within the life sciences sector, retail and the retail industry. Jennifer is often a lecturer at universities and an instructor on subjects related to tax accounting and international tax. Additionally, she’s worked with EY on tax-related publications pertaining to international tax and accounting. In her education, Jennifer attended the University of Texas at Austin. After earning both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Accounting, she became one of the best in her field. Both degrees came from the same college; one of Jennifer’s specialties is Taxes.