Who Is Jeremy Claudio, Jane Marczewski’s Ex-Husband? Jane Marczewski Husband:

Jane Marczewski is an American singer-songwriter. She is often called the night bird.

After releasing two EPs and two singles, she auditioned for the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent in 2021, but was unable to make the quarterfinals due to severe cancer.

Marczewski passed away on February 20, 2022 at the age of 31 after battling cancer.

Jeremy Claudio is the ex-husband of Jane Marczewski.

Jeremy Claudio is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer. He is the drummer and vocalist for the band Tiger Drive, and also writes and collaborates with other artists.

The band released songs like “Watch Me Go Live” in 2019.

Jeremy Antonio Claudio was born on August 8, 1989 in New York, to Benjamin Claudio and Nicole Maria Mendoza Wise.

He has two sisters, Patty and Susay.

Jeremy Claudio got engaged to Jane Marczewski in March 2015. The couple got married on July 5, 2015, at an eclectic old-fashioned restaurant and cafe in Newark, Ohio.

However, the two split in 2020. Jeremy now lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Today’s Jeremy Claudio: Where is Nightbird aka Jane Marchevsky’s ex-husband?

Jeremy Claudio is dealing with an immeasurable loss and is mourning the passing of his ex-wife Jane Marchevsky today.

Claudio is also a musician and was Jane’s loving husband for 4 years. Claudio has been hiding from the media since the couple announced their split in 2020, quickly losing touch with his fans on the online media.

The reason for Claudio’s separation from Jane the Nightbird is still unknown, but cancer treatment and her illness may have been the reasons why he pulled out of the marriage.

Jane revealed that Claudio let her know that at a small-town wedding at a restaurant in Newark, Ohio, he vowed to be husband and wife for life, and that four years later he stopped loving her.

Claudio must have felt the pain of putting his wife in the worst possible situation. Jeremy Claudio lives in Brooklyn and is said to have returned to his home after breaking up with Jane.

Jeremy Claudio Wiki and Age Information

Jeremy Claudio is a Puerto Rican musician who leads Tiger Drive.

Claudio, 32, lived in Brooklyn before marrying Jan Marchevsky in 2015. After their marriage, he and Jane moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

As a musician, he has collaborated with several artists.

Claudio was born to parents Benjamin Claudio and Nichol Maria Mendoza Wise, and has two sisters, Patti and Susai.

His ex-wife Jan Marchevsky is 31 years old. She passed away on February 20, 2022.

Meet Jeremy Claudio on Instagram

Jeremy Claudio is unavailable on Instagram.

While he was previously known for being active on Facebook, Claudio has cut ties with all social media platforms.