Jesse Hogue is dead? Obituary 2021 – cause of death

Jesse Hogue, 73, was arrested on a Potter County murder warrant after authorities here recently re-opened the cold case investigation into the February 1994 murder of Jackie Hogue, 40, who was found dead in her Potter County home.

Kelly Siegler and her team of legal experts may be able to add another success story to their resume. Jesse Hogg, 73, was arrested on March 21, 2019 in Pueblo County, Colorado, on charges of murdering his ex-wife Jackie Hogg in 1994. Jackie’s case was left out before Kelly Siegler’s “Cold Justice” team reviewed her murder this season.

In 1994, as a mother of four, Jackie Hogue was found dead in her bed by her teenage sons-she was shot twice in the back of her head. According to KKTV News, she was also sexually assaulted. The gun used to kill Jackie has never been recovered, and no one has been accused of murdering her before.

After an investigation by Oxygen’s “Cold Justice” team, a detailed investigation was carried out at the end of the season on Sunday, and new circumstantial evidence was discovered that made the case against Jesse Hogg the prosecutor’s office for the 47th District of Colorado. More convincing.

In this episode, an anonymous witness who claims to be a close friend of Jackie recalls that Jesse talked about the murder. The witness said: “He started crying, and he told me that if he could return to that day, Jackie would be alive.” When urging Jesse to clarify, witnesses claimed that Jesse said that the police could not convict him because they could never find a gun. “He said,’No, they can’t convict me unless they find the gun.’ Then he told me you will never find it. You are all too stupid,” the witness said.

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