JK Anicoche dead? Suicide Linked His Cause Of Death

What Happened To JK Anicoche? Suicide Linked His Cause Of Death

What was the cause of death of Jk Anicoche? How did the Filipino theatre artist and educator die? Obituary Details

Theatrical artist Jk Anicoche from the Philippines died in 2021, but the cause of his death is a mystery and has not been made public.

He is best known for his stage adaptation of the classic Japanese novel “Battle Royale,” which was hugely popular in the Philippines and revered in other parts of the world.

Who is Jk Anicoche?

JK Anicoche is both a performance artist and an educator whose work focuses on the relationship between artistic growth and cultural advancement. He passed away on November 19, 2021, his death was announced by Virgin Labfest (VLF), the company the theatre artist worked for and has been the festival director since 2019 and continues to this day.

In a statement, the VLF offered its deepest condolences to friends, family and other loved ones who passed away. After the company’s announcement went viral, many of his relatives and colleagues began mourning his passing and began paying tribute and respect to him through a variety of different media.

Cause of Death and Obituary of Theatre Artists

Although it has been eight months since Jk Anicoche passed away, the cause of his death is still being kept under wraps. There has been no official statement from his family, Virgin Labfest or Philippine police discussing his cause of death.

Fifteen years later, in 2020, Anicoche is leading the Virgin Labfest’s transition from analog to digital, a necessity for growing popularity. The diversity that has come to be synonymous with Virgin Labfest is maintained on this particular year, including 15 plays that have never been performed or performed.

Before taking charge of the festival, Anicoche participated in the annual VLF as director of several plays, most notably the 2011 historical one-act drama Kafatiran directed by Dingong Novenario. In 2012, Anicoche became the director of the festival. In addition, Anicoche is the creative director of the indie troupe Sipat Lawin Ensemble, which he founded on the model of the Dulaang Sipat Lawin Performing Arts Club at the Philippine Arts High School.

Anicoche has always been a privacy-conscious individual, as evidenced by the fact that he has never disclosed any information about his personal life or family members. Jk has spent most of his life working in theatre and performing arts. In addition to co-hosting ADAM Lab, Taiwan 2019, APAF LAB, Tokyo 2020 and Da:ns Lab Singapore 2020, he has also served as Festival Director for Karnabal: Performance and Social Innovation and the Virgin Laborfest Cultural Center in the Philippines.

His artistic practice includes creating works with or in disaster-affected communities, as well as performing in a black box. He received the 2019 Ginebra Ako Para sa Entablado Award, the 2019 American Davis Peace Prize, and the 2018 De La Salle University Public Intellectual Democratic Discourse Series Fellowship, all in recognition of his significant contributions to the field of theatre.