Jobless? They open a vacancy to live in one of the Castles of Game Of Thrones

UNITED STATES.- If you are a fan of Game of Thrones and you are unemployed, this note may interest you. The Cornwall region in England is looking for people who want to live in one of the iconic castles where the popular HBO series was filmed. Among some of the activities for the job They are the security and maintenance, without a doubt amazing job.

Come and work with us! We are looking for an officer to live and work in the castle of Mount Saint Michael. This is a unique opportunity to become an important part of life in one of Cornwall’s most iconic locations, ”reveals the notice posted on their social media. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to this that would undoubtedly be a dream job for fans of GOT.

In this context, the castle dates from the year 1135 and is located 500 meters from the coast and can be seen imposing on the top of the mount of Saint Michael Island. To access this it must be by boat, although when the tide goes out you can walk along a cobblestone path. Regarding employment, it has been specified that a discreet person is sought, with motivation, flexible hours and who lives, preferably, in West Cornwall.

Source: Pixabay.

The tasks to be carried out will be to live in the castle, be in charge of security, “assist the St Aubyn family in the public and private areas of the castle”. You will also have to supervise the infrastructure, sleep on the island for at least five days a week and be fully available for any emergency. In turn, he will be responsible for the proper functioning of fire systems and reviewing common areas.

Likewise, you have to work as a team, keep records of inspections, cleaning tasks, moving furniture and other extra tasks. In order to apply for this job, you need to send your CV to and attach a cover letter specifying why you are ideal for the job, as well as experience and skills. Maybe be a fan of Game of Thrones is not enough to be selected or selected.