Joey Johnson Fox News Contributor is death or alive? obituary

It was really the first time a paraplegic veteran danced with his wife. Sergeant Joey Johnson, 27, stood in a traditional wedding ball on the wedding day and surprised the bride. When the bride Michelle Johnson was resting in the bridal suite on the advice of relatives, Joey Johnson’s friends installed a seat belt system that allowed him to dance with her without a wheelchair.

When the bride returned to the ballroom to see her husband, she put her hands on her mouth in shock and began to cry. Michelle Johnson hugged her groom. The couple looked at each other in Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years” and occasionally wiped away tears. Their wedding guests cheered. “Everyone is crying in the room,” Michelle Johnson told ABC News. “Looking at him again, this dream has come true. It’s amazing.”

The couple met at a country concert in 2012. Four months ago, Joey Johnson suffered a spinal injury in a motorcycle accident on August 12, 2012. They got married because of the same surname and birthday, which is June 29th. Johnson recently returned after 10 months of service at the Salerno forward operating base in Khost, Afghanistan.

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