John Combe Laurel ms dead and obituary, Who is Kevin Crosby

HGTV’s hometown makeover series recently touched on the memory of John Combe, a client with lasting memories of the show.

He is the owner of a house in Laurel, Mississippi, that has been completely remodeled by the owners of Erin and Ben Napier. The property, actually called The Combe House, was refurbished in early 2020, and now fans are wondering what happened to it.

So who is John Combe and what happened to him? His home debuted in HGTV’s hometown, is it for sale now? Let’s find out…

Who is John Combe?

John, a 70-year-old retired soldier, travels to his hometown in search of a quaint, spacious and relaxing summer home. He grew up around the world and spent the last ten years of his life in Belize.

When the HGTV star turned to Erin and Ben to renovate his home and wanted to make the place his own and accommodate guests, he had no budget. When he discovered this ranch-style home tucked away in a historic district, he knew it would be perfect for his laid-back lifestyle.

As reported by the firm of Laurel Mercantile, Erin and Ben, he said:

My life is unbelievable. Always get lucky. My pop music spent 30 years in the US Air Force. We moved 7 times in the first 18 years of my life, so I’m still itching. Pop music is great. He taught me a lot about life, right, wrong and truth.

John reportedly died of natural causes

John died of natural causes on April 4, 2020, at a hospital in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, according to a hometown group.

Many viewers offered their condolences, with some commenting how excited he seemed to be living in his Laurel home.

One said: “He’s funny when the price doesn’t make sense and it’s funny to see your face. I hope he spends some time in this house.”

Another wrote: “I’m so sorry. He was so dynamic on the show. Laurel lost a very charming resident.”

Confirmed for sale The Combe House

According to John’s best friend and estate executor Casey Jones, his house will be on the market in June 2021.

She revealed that there appeared to be a lot of questions about John’s Laurel home and whether it was for sale or was going to be sold. Kathi said she wanted to keep it, but that was impossible, so she sold it. She added:

I would love to find a buyer who loves it as much as John and is committed to ensuring his legacy lives on within his walls through the unique style he and HGTV have created. “His home in Belize is now in the loving hands of the beneficiaries and will be enjoyed and John’s memory preserved,” Casey said.

“The house will be sold with most of the furniture, a common request, so it retains the hometown look that John loved. Yes, even the pool table is still part of the house!”

There are some hometown properties that have hit the market since the refurbishment.

A 1960s home in Laurel, Mississippi, has been listed for $221,900 by owners Rebecca and Matt Kollar – The Kollar Home.

Then, the cabin, originally restored for husband and wife team Mackenzie and Jim Hurt, sold for $185,000.