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WASHINGTON — U.S. Senator John Cornyn managed to pass a landmark gun bill in the Senate on Thursday, weeks after a shooting at a Uwald school killed 19 children and two teachers A later achievement.

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Known as the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, Cornyn devoted 20 years of political capital to crafting it, and for Republicans representing a state that often proudly boasts of having the most guns and some of the loosest gun restrictions. An almost unimaginable move.

Cornyn, the bill’s lead sponsor, has worked closely with fellow Republicans and Senate colleagues and has garnered enough votes from his party in the Senate to overcome the threat of obstruction and leave some breathing room.

“While discussing this issue is emotional, I understand why,” Cornyn said in a speech before the vote, “for a long time, some politicians have tried to fight the right to live in a safe community and the constitutional right to bear a gun. .” Possess and wear. They make our country look like there can only be one or the other. “

In a final vote, the bill passed the Senate by a vote of 65 to 33. The Senate passed the bill for the first time on Tuesday. It is close to the house expected to be easily passable. President Joe Biden has said he will sign it into law.

The bill is widely seen as a modest set of changes to existing gun laws, falling well short of proposals from House Democrats and Biden to raise the age for buying guns, ban assault weapons and expand universal background checks. Still, at the same time, the bill promises to be the most significant arms policy achievement in Congress in a generation.

However, one of the Republicans who voted against the bill was Corning’s Texas counterpart, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

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Cruz took the stage to promote his own gun safety proposals from a few years ago, much of which focused on protecting schools.

Cruz said current gun laws would “deprive Americans of their constitutional rights.”

“I think it’s very unlikely that the bill will do anything useful to actually prevent the next mass murder,” he said. “That’s not the purpose of the bill. One of the purposes of the bill is to satisfy the urge to ‘do something’. .”

“After every [mass shooting] there is a call to ‘do something’,” he added. “I agree, do something, but do something that works. Something that can stop these crimes.