John Reinke “Tiger King” is dead, Obituary 2021 – Cause of death

Tiger King: Murder, chaos, and madness are now playing on Netflix, and viewers want to know more about former GW Zoo employee John Linek. What’s wrong with John Reinke, where is he now? The famous American John Reinke is probably one of the skilled bungee jumpers in the United States.

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He is a famous bungee jumper and zookeeper from Texas, USA. John Reinke is famous for his role in the seven-part Netflix documentary “Tiger King.” If it is not mentioned that the fan’s favorite character was once the very famous former director of G.W., his introduction may be incomplete. zoo. In fact, after a misplaced leg in a tragic accident, he worked intently with Joe Unim.

All seven episodes of Tiger King, including the special eighth episode, Tiger King and I, are now playing on Netflix. There are many interesting characters in the documentary, from Joe Exotic’s business partner Jeff Lowe to former drug lord Mario Tabraue.

One of the most popular documentaries in the documentary is former GW Zoo manager John Linek. has everything you need to know. He caught the audience’s attention because he was one of the most down-to-earth figures in the documentary and provided a rational voice throughout the madness.

In addition to his personality, Reinke’s colorful prosthetic legs also made the audience shine. The audience worried that Reinke lost his legs after being involved in the Tiger-related incident, but Reinke disclosed his injury to the audience.

Reinke explained that before joining GW Zoo, he was a bungee jumper. In April 1994, he lost his legs in a zipline accident, resulting in fractures of his back and hips. Reinke also landed on a 6-inch-long metal stake that could be sensed through his colon and stomach, but despite being stuck, he was still miraculously able to speak.

Reinke fell from a height of 55 feet. Unfortunately, his injuries paralyzed him from the waist down. In the next few years, Reinke had to undergo more than 20 operations before he could learn to walk again. After the left leg was amputated in 2006, Reinke and his wife met Joe Exotic’s GW Zoo while visiting Oklahoma.

After several visits to the zoo, Exotic provided Reinke with a management job, and soon he took care of more than 500 animals, including 187 big cats. In 2009, the pain in his right leg worsened and was later amputated, allowing him to learn to walk with two prosthetic legs instead of one.