Who is Jordan Mccann in Jail? Jordan Mccann attacked Thomas Hughes almost to death

Jordan Mccann attacked Thomas Huges almost to death

The online claim that the British rapper Joe Danken ended his life in prison is wrong. His family and prison officials have confirmed to Reuters.

On September 26, a Facebook post from an account named “British Crime Report” claimed that McCann was found dead in his cell and encouraged others to “share this sad news” (here).

This page leads the user to a YouTube link that can view McCann’s background (here), including his criminal life near Salford, Manchester, and his subsequent popularity on the Internet. McCann’s tracks, some of which were reportedly released while he was still in prison, have been watched millions of times (here). “

More than 1,500 people have shared the news of McCann’s alleged death on Facebook and reposted it on Twitter (here) and numerous websites (here, here, and here).

However, this statement is incorrect.

G4S, a private security company that manages several prisons in the UK, confirmed to Reuters by phone that McCann was a prisoner in one of the prisons and that he was still alive.

The 27-year-old sister Amy also wrote on Facebook: “Thank you for your concern, but my brother is still alive. For everyone, this news hurts everyone, but he is still alive.”

In the Facebook message, Reuters spoke with McCann’s cousin Caroline Hyde, who made multiple comments below the British crime report post and said the false statement was “disgusting.”

She said: “Jordan is not dead, he is still alive and will go home soon to make more music.

“When I and other family members saw [post], it made us feel sick; I can’t believe anyone would spread such a lie”

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