Joseph Czub is dead – Obituary 2021 – cause of death

With a deep sense of loss and a heavy heart, Czub’s friends and family announced the unexpected death of their beloved Joe Czub. Joe Czub is seen as a kind-hearted, caring and selfless person. This is why death will definitely leave a huge gap. Everyone cherishes Joe Czub very much.

The cause of death is unclear. The memory of how Joe Czub lives and interacts with people will surely live in the hearts of many people for the rest of their lives. Death made this amazing guy out of people’s sight, not their hearts. Joe Czub will definitely be missed by many people, including many relatives and friends. Some of them felt sad when they recalled the good times they shared with this person before death came.

The bus will resume operations at Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake CSD on Tuesday, with a bow on the bus to commemorate the director of transportation Joe Czub. In a letter to the school district family on Monday, Supt. Dr. Patrick McGrath said that Czub had a tragic accident at his home on Sunday and passed away overnight.

In the letter, McGrath described Czub as an advocate, problem solver, supporter, leader and friend, and expressed his deepest condolences to his wife and family.

The school district cancelled Monday’s bus service to provide support to employees who were deeply affected by Joe’s death. McGrath thanked his parents for assisting in transporting their children to school, and perhaps neighbors’ children.

He also thanked the teachers and staff for their input and helped smooth the day. “Seeing the family and staff of BH-BL gather to help each other during this difficult time is just a reminder of what makes our closely connected community so special. It makes me very humble to be a member of it. Thank you again. “

McGrath said that Czub is the person behind the evergreen wreath in front of the BH-BL bus every holiday. He bought them himself and posted them on the bus himself. He believes that this gesture is a small way to spread some kindness and cheers in the community.

As a tribute, and in memory of him and his family, the school district will place maroon and black bows on the front of each BH-BL school bus. As the area resumes its regular transportation services, these bows will appear on the bus on Tuesday, November 16. Then they will transition to Joe’s holiday wreath after Thanksgiving.

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