Josh Humphrey easywdw dead and obituary, Whats happened? – cause of death

Stunned to learn of the passing of my friend Josh Humphrey@easywdw Devastated for his family—especially his parents. I raise a glass to you Josh.

We planned no less than 10 vacations using Josh’s website. His posts always made me laugh. I am so sad. Rest In Peace, Josh.

My heart is broken. I never met him but felt like I knew him personally.

Oh that’s so incredibly sad. Josh’s blog was my ‘gateway’ to the online disney stuff. He was one of a kind.

I agree with the previous posts. I loved his writing and enjoyed following him on Twitter. I used his info for numerous trips over the years. I was heartbroken when I received a Twitter notification from the DCLblog about this.

I am heartbroken. I frequently interacted with him on Twitter, and he was so kind and self-deprecating even though his writing was so witty and acerbic. I feel so badly for those who knew him personally.

In a week where things seem more uncertain than usual…or two…or three…or until Marvel unravels the true meaning of the multiverse, I hope we about to escape. However, these portals work. I’m ready to skip anything, especially when Rocky the Crocodile is there to lead the way.

We’re desperately trying to get back to…the mediocre relevance of Disney blogs. It sounds like a sad attempt to start a business again. But the discerning Disney visitor has only so much ability to keep going without being reminded that every Dole Whip basically tastes like every other Dole Whip. Even the performers clumsily shaped the tidbits into… well, I can’t tell. But don’t worry, the cost will increase by $7, as the melting fusion of sugar cubes and striking pink vanilla ice cream resembles a tropical bird. Should it be Zazu? Hey-hey? Panchito gun? iPhone 13 pink screen? We’re dangerously close to forgetting the sweetness of artificial pineapples. Even I wouldn’t let that happen.

Our Dole Whip dream went nowhere. Disney has been planning to release one outrageous soft cone after another under the guise of a 50th anniversary celebration that, for some reason, will run until the end of 2028. If we are lucky. And look forward to the multiverse. We all have that girlfriend (or boyfriend) who happily announces it’s her “birthday month” at 12:01am on the first day of March. As if being reminded for 364 days can be forgotten. Leap years are forbidden. And why we’re all single again on March 1, 00:02.

Of course, Disney offers each of these anniversary gifts on a single day and in the worst possible locations, for exactly 6.2 hours. This is partly because there is at least a 40% chance that the company forgets to tell the company what is going on. There’s a saying that the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing, but I’m not entirely convinced The Walt Disney Company has guns at this point. Why am I even reading Disney’s Food Guide to Valentine’s Beef Stew at Cape May Café. (Bring antacids.) (Lots of antacids.) Not to mention their special holiday charm this year, at least according to our food guide, the buffet doesn’t have seafood, salads, or anything else that isn’t goulash. If you’re wondering, I still made an appointment.

But chasing Disney’s one-off deals you can’t try, I wish I didn’t try was half the fun. “Hey, look at 6/26’s so cleverly designed Stitch Cone only in Polynesian.” Provided. Because this is the date of the dr. Jumba Jookiba carried out his illegal genetic mutation to create me and our naughty friend. Which is which? Of course we always pretend to be 26.6. A big surprise in Polynesian. Although at this rate, there may be a Disney food guide about it. Coloring my late June birthday, preferably a color that’s not neurotoxic like those over-colored blue cones.