Josie Marcellino leaked onlyf, Photos and videos on twitter and reddit

The Twitch community was shocked when streamer, investor and adult content creator Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa announced that she plans to leave OnlyFans in June 2022. But in July, Amouranth appeared to be more active on the app than ever. Does Amouranth only leave fans?

MRandom News Josie Marcellino leaked onlyf, Photos and videos on twitter and reddit

Amouranth is well known on Twitch for its shocking antics and adult content, and found loopholes in the broadcast platform’s terms of service. She’s known for creating “Vortex Meta” and expanding the ASMR category on Twitch. No wonder Amouranth is willing to be banned from Twitch when most of their income comes from OnlyFans.

In announcing her impending retirement, Amouranth revealed that she made about $1.5 million a month with OnlyFans alone. Despite the incredible income, Amouranth told fans she plans to retire from OnlyFans in June 2022 to pursue other career opportunities, although fans doubt she can make the same amount of money elsewhere.

Then came June 2022, and Amouranth was still producing porn on OnlyFans. Will Amouranth leave OnlyFans?

Amouranth responds to rumours she’s staying with OnlyFans
It’s the end of July and Amouranth is still on OnlyFans. Many wondered if she planned to leave adult content behind. Some even accused her of “lying” to retire to continue increasing her OnlyFans income.

On her personal Twitter account, Amouranth told a fan that she lied about leaving OnlyFans. She explained that she increased her use of the app by six months to continue funding her ongoing “crusade,” a campaign funded entirely by herself.

“We’re going to build a convention from scratch. We’re not going to stuff vendors or employees, and we’re certainly not going to sexually harass guests (or worse),” Amouranth clarified.

Because I’m about to start a crusade, and I’m going to pay for it myself.