Juan Cala broke his silence after the racism scandal: “I have received all kinds of threats”

On Sunday April 4, Valencia visited the Cadiz by date 29 of The league. The victory went to Álvaro Cervera’s team 2-1, but an incident with some footballers took all the headlines. The player Diakhaby accused Juan Cala of racist messages, the incident caused tension in the party and two days after what happened, the other party involved in the events defended himself. “I have received all kinds of threats”, he sentenced at his press conference.

In the first instance, Cala recounts his version of what happened: “The player falls on top of me, I receive a blow or a foul claim, the goal comes, then the card comes,” he contextualized. And then comes the unfortunate move. Later I suffer another fault, I say to him leave me alone !, the player ignores the play and tells me that I have called him “black shit”, he confessed. Juan Cala he remembers that he tried to reassure him and clarify that he never said that.

I have a yellow card and I think getting into the brawl is going to get me kicked out. Going to the stands to talk to him would not have helped at all, because many people would have put themselves in front of me, “he said. «From what happens to what happens later, it’s a whole circus. There are two options. OR Diakhaby he has made it up or misunderstood it. The rest is a circus, “said the player of the Cadiz

After giving his version of events, he expressed the consequences of this fact: “I have received all kinds of threats through social networks,” he said. We seem to be in the West. I don’t know what happened to the presumption of innocence. Nobody deserves this public lynching. Here is my phone number to, at least, apologize, “said the player of the Cadiz.

«I have lived with Chinese, South Africans. I have been to Guinea with Kanoute and Benjamin. It is a spectacle what is happening. I’m in shock. We are in football without an audience. There are 20-25 cameras, microphones, players, referees … and no one hears anything “, questioned Cala who said that he has not had any antecedent and that he hopes that things can solve it.

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