The video viral trending of Juan Carlos Galano leaked twitter

The video viral trending of Juan Carlos Galano leaked twitter

Newcomer actor Juan Carlos Gallano admitted he had a virtual flirtation.

“I tried it,” said the rookie actor with a smile at the 2021 K-town Cha-Cha-Cha Fest conference in Manila on Friday night, November 19, at Tremedios Circle in Manila. Fortunately, no sex chat has been leaked yet …

MRandom News The video viral trending of Juan Carlos Galano leaked twitter

“Nothing. Nothing! Several times? I have my face. Basically. Say! Say! Say! Ha!” Juan Carlos laughed happily. seriously? “Yeah yeah yeah. It just looks like a baby, it looks cool, but I have my stage,” said the handsome actor, who was initially a model for casual and commercial prints.

“I think I’m only 24 years old and I realized the world early.”

How old were you when you arrived?

“Wake up? What am I, maybe just high school? Say! Say! Say! Say! Say! Ha!” Just in case, won’t you be surprised when I leak an egregious video?

“It’s not right. It’s not because of a leak. I’m sure there’s nothing … I won’t say anything,” Juan Carlos replied. “But I would say, honestly, if there is a leak, let it go. Because, now the information is very fast, for example. What to offer on social networks, right?

“So people’s attention spans are also fast. If someone goes out, uh, no … well, celebrate. “But I don’t really care, because he won’t belittle who I am, uh, my masculinity or my personality.

“I thought, well, you saw what I did. I mean, this is human anatomy, right? I don’t think it’s embarrassing.” Oh, are you proud of that? ! “No! No! Not proud, but like … I don’t have anything, I don’t have to …

“Especially in this business, you have to face everything with courage,” said Juan Carlos, who was Vin Abrenica’s night substitute when he officially entered the MMFF 2021 Nelia. Juan Carlos is ready to do nude or erotic art during the shoot, as long as he can trust the photographer.

Can you consider yourself an adventurer in life? “Ah yes. I would say that I really like adventure. Because, in addition to my passion for extreme sports, especially surfing, this is what I like the most now,” replied Juan Carlos.

“I’m in the city, even if I’m not at sea, it’s like swimming is my real sport.” She fantasizes about becoming a Bench Body model, especially since her other sponsors are old and other brands endorse her.

“Well, to be honest, I don’t know much about myself. Maybe I still have my feet on the ground,” Juan Carlos humbled himself. “If you fantasize about me, I also thank you. Because, at least, we are effective in the market.”


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