Juan Carlos Novelo, the first drummer of Caifanes, dead

JuanCarlosNovelo We were a good carnal, great musician and super human being, companion of several battles and sounds, Juan Carlos Novelo, first drummer of Caifanes. Good road carnau, see you on the other side.

It all began in childhood, when one of his tasks as an altar boy was to ring the bell for mass in the Santa Catarina de Coyoacán Church, today a tourist attraction in Mexico City. Later, he became more and more interested in percussion, as he played drums in a military band and was fascinated by the resonance in the vaulted ceiling of the church.

Juan Carlos Novelo (Juan Carlos Novelo), Mexican rock, blues and jazz drummer, has a reputation in commercial and indie music environments, has a solid, creative sound and his own style, and in an intelligent way the integration of different genres and Latin . American rhythms can be seen on his first album Ostinato (2015).

Calm, gentle, and his voice reflected his simplicity and sincerity. He told a room where he taught rock school and his career in this industry. He said that he was very fortunate to learn so much there. He plays with prominent musicians in the two worlds to which I moved: Armando Manzanero, Tania Libertad, Eduardo Segundo “el polivoz”, Castro Brothers, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Daniel Río Lobos, etc .; Guillermo Briseño, Gerardo Bátiz, Eugenio Toussaint, Betsy Pecanins and many other independent projects.

Also, don’t forget the people who influenced your decision to become a musician when you chose your path during adolescence. The Méndez family: Beto, Nacho, Memo Méndez, and the actor Nando Estevané, are musicians and artists. They are neighbors of Los Poquers, who formed their first band in the 1970s. They taught him all kinds of things. Records, and some 12-year-olds playing drums.

An important figure in his training and personal challenges is maestro Álvaro López, recognized as one of the best drummers in Mexico. “I am one of the most advanced students of him, although I am very demanding in technical and reading matters. In her class I started to feel like I wasn’t up for this because I couldn’t do some exercises, and they finally came out a year later. Then I understood that it was music. From there, I started alone and started playing here and there, ”he said.

As his friends and students told him, Novelo considers himself more of a rock drummer, although he paused for a few seconds on this topic, and then commented that if he had to define himself, he would be a fusion drummer.

“I’m more of a rock drummer. That’s my training. I dabbled in jazz, but I’m a fusion drummer. When I was in class with Álvaro López, I played in the Kerigma band in the 80s. On stage I listened to the avant-garde rock that surprised me: Genesis, yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and for the rest, then I found other musics, rhythms and genres ”.

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