Juanfer Quintero and Falcao García, shocked by what is happening in Colombia: “it hurts”

After more than a week of protests in Colombian territory, the announcements by human rights organizations about the situation in the coffee-growing country, players such as Falcao garcia Y Juan Fernando Quintero they raised their voice in favor of the people suffering from violence. The tax reform – already canceled by its president – was the central axis of the demonstrations. However, the alleged excessive use of military forces is the focus of analysis by the UN. “It hurt”, expressed the former River player.

«I would like to express many feelings that I have … I would like to explain many emotions, but my land hurts as much as it does everyone else. I feel that I cannot be silent because of so many images that I have seen, I am not a politician, I am just a simple Colombian who wants the best for my country, everything begins with peace, respect, understanding and the right that we all have to express ourselves » , expressed Quintero through his Instagram account.

«I have faith that everything will improve for the better and I say it because my family is living it in their own flesh and it hurts me not being able to be with them and above all because I cannot be helping the people who today are affected with many decisions that are made . Violence does not lead us anywhere, only to pain and to create a funnel of sadness full of tears and regret. I hope that all Colombians will be heard », he remarked.

Falcao garcia

The Samarian forward called for peace and solidarity: “Given the situation in Colombia, I reject any act that violates human rights. I call for non-violence and I ask that the right to peaceful demonstration be valued and respected, “he wrote. Falcao garcia on his Instagram account. “I call on the international community to observe the delicate social, political and public health situation in my country,” he added.

«I express my concern and shock at the events that have been happening during the last week, my solidarity with those who have lost their lives, the injured and their families. I ask that bridges be built between the different political, economic and social actors in my country. I cry out for people to be heard in their requests, “said the player on his networks.

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