Judy Bagwell dead Aged 78 – Cause of death

We report with a heavy heart that Judy Bagwell passed away at the age of 78. Judy is the mother of former WCW star Buff Bagwell. Fans will remember seeing Judy with her many times on WCW TV.

Of course, she participated in the “Judy Bagwell on a Forklift” competition in New Blood Rising 2000, and even won the WCW doubles championship together with Rick Steiner in a short time. The Rebuilding Buff podcast on Twitter announced her death.

Sad news, Buff’s mam, Judy Bagwell has passed away. You might know her best in her appearances in WCW during the Scott Steiner/Buff feud in 98, and the Judy on a Forklift match in 2000! So many fun memories for wrestling fans. RIP former WCW tag champion Judy Bagwell

Her son Marcus “Buff” Bagwell shared the sad news on Twitter earlier this afternoon. Judy appeared in several memorable WCW clips, the most striking is Judy Bagwell’s performance in the forklift competition.

In 1998, after Rick Steiner chose her to replace the injured Kaos, Bagwell briefly became the former WCW doubles champion. Steiner was arguing with Buff Bagwell at the time, and his thinking was that Buff would not beat his mother. Bagwell said that Judy Bagwell suffers from dementia.

“We must announce with a heavy heart that the matriarch of the Bagwell family passed away on Friday. Over the years, Judy Bagwell has had three amazing children and a loving Husband and many good memories. Thank you to everyone who has questioned her over the years and prayed for her throughout her struggle with dementia. Judy Bagwell is 78 years old. RIP Judy 1943-2021”

Despite her strange adventures in the world of professional wrestling, Judy Bagwell is first and foremost a mother, wife and friend. Her son Buff Bagwell participated in WCW and WWE. He is 5 times WCW label champion. Judy Bagwell may be gone, but her memory will always be in the minds of wrestling fans who watched during the Monday Night Fight. During this difficult time, we express our condolences to the Bagwell family. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Judy pleased all of us with her wrestling performance. As a mother, she was deeply loved by the family she left behind.

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