Jujutsu anime Kaisen made a questionable change in Eso’s look

Presented already in the final stretch of the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen, Eso was one of the main antagonists of the short arc known as “Death Painting”, having starred in the last great fight of the anime, when facing Yuji Itadori and Nobara Kugisaki. However, fans of the manga were somewhat disappointed by the visual change that took place in the character.

In case you are not familiar, while in the anime Eso he appears wearing a kind of legging pants attached by a suspenders, in the manga his design is even more eccentric, since he only wears a thong and a pantyhose that goes up to half your thigh.

So, as long as the look of Eso was officially revealed, fans of the series at Twitter and Reddit share their frustration with that choice, since besides being the only character with such a change, his outfit is just like that so as not to leave his face on his back stuffy.

Anyway, even if the change is at least questionable and some even point to possible censorship in this respect, the essence and personality of Eso remained unchanged in the anime.

About the future of Kaisen Jujutsu, it was recently announced that the series will receive a film, which will adapt the events of Volume 0 of the manga, and will premiere in the winter season of 2022.

Recalling that the anime by Jujutsu Kaisen is officially available with subtitles in Portuguese through Crunchyroll.

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