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Julien Bam dared to take a step that few believed him capable of. YouTuber switches platforms and takes off on OnlyF.

Aachen, Germany – With an incredible 5.7 million subscribers, Julien Bam is one of the largest YouTube anchors in Germany. The 33-year-old has gained popularity through his song parodies and comedy videos. But that’s about it for kid-friendly content. Julien Bam announced that he would soon be posting pictures and videos on OnlyF. His fans were very surprised by the YouTuber’s slippery change.

Julien Bam does the main channel’s work: making a quality video every week for years can take a toll on a person. Julien Bam noticed that too and pulled the emergency brake about two years ago. Only three final videos will appear on his main channel Julien Bam. After that there will be none.

The 33-year-old fan had to wait more than a year for the last three videos. Julien Bam draws a worthy conclusion to his YouTube career with the series “Märchen in Antisocial”. This is seriously threatened by hacking of all its channels. However, Julien Bam now has three other YouTube channels.

Julien Bam on OnlyF: What happened a few days ago shocked the entire Julien Bam community. The YouTuber ditched his kid-friendly image and switched to adult site OnlyF. The 33-year-old announced this in a short clip on his channel.

In the 1.5-minute clip, titled “Okay, let’s get this over with,” the YouTuber explained that he’s eager to hear feedback from the community. He does not describe what his content looks like on OnlyF. However, next Monday, May 23, the first photo of Julien Bam will appear on the Zesty website. These will initially be available free of charge. However, Julien Bam has announced that he will be paying for his account in the near future.

Fan Support Julien Bam: Julien Bam’s decision to produce content on OnlyF has caused many confused faces in his community. However, there is hardly a voice against such a promise on the Schmuddel website. on the other hand. The feedback Julien Bam gets from his audience has been mostly positive.

“This is a very unexpected, but very blatant step. Of course we’ll keep behind you, ”it said in the comment section under the announcement video. Some viewers wondered if Julien Bam was telling the truth and if he actually posted a hot photo of himself on OnlyF.

“There’s something in the bushes,” it said, among other things. In the video, Julien Bam looks very serious. Time will tell whether Julien Bam dares to joke. Rainer Winkler is a joker. Dragon King also wants to create content for OnlyF.