Jumpyaida leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, photos and videos

In 2020, after a year and a half of work, Lexi stumbled across OnlyF on her Instagram and decided to give the site a try despite being “very skeptical” at first. After just three months, she had made £10,000 and handed in her resignation to B&Q in November of that year.

She has since made £420,000 and even bought a house for £375,000 in cash – something the model could only dream of in the past. Lexi is on vacation in Zante, Greece. Model reveals she didn’t take leave for three years at B&Q

“It’s crazy, but it still doesn’t feel real,” Lexi (@lexi_zielinska), who has 94,000 Instagram followers, told JamPrime.com. “Sometimes I still don’t think about it, but I can’t complain, I absolutely love my life.

“I used to give very little and work so hard – I still work hard now, but at least I’m getting paid properly. “On a good day, I can earn twice my monthly salary at B&Q, which makes things become correct.

“I love the job there and the people are nice, so I can’t sit here and say it’s a bad place to work because I’d be lying. “But I’ve always wanted the better things in life. “

One of her favorite luxuries is travel, which Lexi rarely could afford until she modeled for OnlyF. “I love to travel and it’s been difficult for me. “I’ve had four vacations this year and it’s only August. “

Originally from Warsaw, Lexi moved to south-east London at the age of 13 and is currently hosting her mother Agatha, 53, who “loves to treat” her.

This year they’ve visited five-star hotels in Mexico and Greece — something they couldn’t afford when Agatha worked in restaurants and Lexi grew up as cleaners. “But now she can see the life it has given us and she’s so happy. “On a good day I walked up to her and said I made £3,000 and she couldn’t believe it.