Kabul airport chaos video is actually from Texas

Twitter users shared a video they believed was from Afghanistan, showing people running at the Kabul airport. The account @uajalsingh posted the clip and message on Twitter: “Where is the United Nations? Superpowers. Why don’t all countries come together to help them? This is very sad.”

Another Twitter account @Conflict_Zones also shared this video with the caption: “Surreal image of Kabul airport when it opened this morning: Afghanistan.” At the time of this writing, the first video post mentioned had over 85,000 views, while the last one had over 33,000 views. There are people trying to escape the chaos in Afghanistan.

Even the shocking footage captured people falling from rising planes, desperately trying to escape the country during takeoff. However, the images in the aforementioned claim are not from Kabul. Instead, he came from Arlington, Texas in 2019.

The video shows people running toward AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys football team. The clip was originally shared on Twitter on January 5, 2019 by Jon Machota, who covered the Dallas Cowboys for The Athletic.

It shows fans entering the stadium for a game between the Cowboys and the Seattle Seahawks. This tweet was later posted by Sports Illustrated, which read: “AT&T Stadium looks like Black Friday before the Internet.”

This video has been viewed over 11 million times.

Two folks fell from a aircraft in Kabul, Afghanistan. The video was stunning. Watch a video of two folks falling from a aircraft in Afghanistan. The Taliban are taking up Afghanistan and dire information and pictures are pouring in from everywhere in the capital, Kabul. Simply immediately, we noticed a video of Afghans fleeing the nation on a aircraft. The scene on the airport was in chaos.

Determined Afghans clung to the facet of a transferring US army aircraft leaving Kabul airport. A minimum of two folks reportedly fell off the touchdown gear and died instantly after take-off.

The movies present that because the aircraft rolled down the runway at Kabul Worldwide Airport on Monday, a whole lot of individuals ran facet by facet with the aircraft. A quantity is held on the facet of the C-17A aircraft, just under the wings. The others trot beside him waving and cheering, their engines groaning.

When the aircraft flew into the mountains overlooking the capital of Afghanistan, two folks could possibly be seen falling, the primary after which the opposite. The horrified onlookers stood on the asphalt, staring in disbelief.

The second video exhibits the our bodies of three folks, two males and a girl, mendacity on the ground of the airport constructing. It’s unclear whether or not they got here from the aircraft or died beneath different circumstances. A witness mentioned that he noticed a physique on the highway. He mentioned close by Taliban fighters have been firing warning pictures to manage the gang, including: “It is nearly definitely a gunshot wound.”

A number of folks have reportedly died on the airport whereas attempting to flee Afghanistan. Now there’s one other video displaying two folks falling from the sky from the aircraft. This scene is simply too painful and horrible.

When the flight took off from Afghanistan, the 2 males must be sitting on the touchdown gear of the aircraft. The video exhibits a aircraft leaving Kabul airport. When the aircraft took off, two folks fell from it.

This video was recorded by an area and later uploaded to the Web. The entire world is shocked by the best way the Afghan folks deal with the state of affairs there.

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