kaellyn leaked onlyf on twitter and reddit, Twitch partner videos

You may have heard of OnlyF, a site where content creators offer explicit videos for a monthly subscription. What you might not know is that OnlyF also offers a less pornographic service called OFTV, which OnlyF COO Keily Blair dubs an “SFW” or “safety for work” streaming service. Since its launch in August 2021, OFTV has amassed more than 3,400 free-to-view videos on its platform.

“I really feel like we’re just getting started on the future of OnlyF,” OnlyF CEO Amrapali Gan told Fortune last month. Insider spend two hours watching OFTV videos to see if they are worth your time. The first video to appear on my timeline was a tutorial on healthy homemade overnight oats. I feel like Overnight Oats has had its “moment” on other social media platforms, so it’s not very catchy or original.

Users can watch OFTV videos on OnlyF, which displays them in a timeline feed similar to other social media platforms, or on a different site than .tv. Videos on the original platform are categorized by tags, such as “vlogs,” showing 91 clips with this tag, or “infotainment.” Other categories include food, fitness, how-to videos, OFTV originals and health.

What follows is a video from the creator with the username “@thehottestbeach” hunting for prey on the beach. Feeling very niche, she ended up only finding what looked like a doll badge.

She used suggestive language that felt out of place in the video and did not reveal which beach she was on.

Below each video is a banner with the creator’s profile and photos, most of which are risqué. There’s also a section that shows how many likes and tips each video got. All the videos that Insiders watch show a $0 tip, making one wonder if they’re worth the trouble.

The of.tv site shows their videos similar to YouTube, but doesn’t show engagement metrics or prompts. Then I saw a 10-minute video called “Cranial Nerves” by a creator named Nurse Natalia in which she shared “some interesting facts about the human body.” I didn’t expect to learn about the nerves in the brain on OnlyF. At this point, it feels like watching my job-required training video.

She spends the full 25 seconds of the video pointing to a cranial nerve model without voiceover. I was bored and wanted to scroll to the next video, but resisted the urge. After only watching three videos, it felt like flipping through TV channels in another country, not at all sure what was going to happen next.