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An Instagram influencer and OnlyF model has found a strange but lucrative niche as a stripper providing “emotional support” to Ukrainian soldiers in the war against Russia.

Fan-Pei Koung from Houston, Texas, who now lives in Ukraine, describes herself as “a friend who has traveled the world and is now volunteering in Kharkov.”

Kong’s bizarre content for soldiers included stripping before air-raid sirens, “free emotional breastfeeding for soldiers and volunteers,” and posing in underwear with weapons like rocket launchers.

However, all the money she makes from her work is donated to humanitarian resources, with proceeds benefiting other volunteers and Ukrainians themselves.

The Miss Taiwan USA 2015 contestant told The Daily Beast that she came to Ukraine in November, first volunteering with refugee relief and working at a women’s shelter and orphanage in Lviv.

She moved to Ukraine full-time in February to not only help those involved in the conflict with Russia, but also provide emotional support content to English-speaking soldiers (Ukrainian and international troops) and learn to speak Ukrainian.

The 33-year-old added: “People don’t talk about people’s sexual needs in countries at war. Think about what part of you needs someone to talk to. I try to do that for anyone who can speak English or Ukrainian at the level of a three-year-old.”